A few words on forgiveness

Rahul S
2 min readMar 14, 2021

If one’s life has been a series of disasters, he does not like to keep a photographic album of it. He does not want to look back and browse through the muck of what his life has been and feel low. Sometimes, he becomes so intrepidly insecure about his future that he hates it when someone tries to make permanent his pain by capturing it in images. He already knows he would look back and label this moment as 'bad’. He is unable to forgive GOD-a metaphysical entity that is an important tool for the weaklings of the world to make meaning.

He needs to forgive the Gods first, before he can forgive humans.

Forgiveness is good. But can be unhealthy, if we forgive before time. And yes, there is always a time when one can forgive.

We can forgive for mistake one. But for another mistake, we cannot. And if the second mistake is beyond imagination, it’s almost impossible.

And in any case we cannot forgive if we are unhappy because our forgiveness means nothing even to us.

It is because of a falsified notion of forgiveness that the people continue to commit crimes.

It is better to keep oneself away from those who make a point of using the facts of your life against you.

We don’t judge people for who they are. We judge them for what they do (to us). No one can never know who that someone is, anyway.

Judgement is important when it comes to forgiveness. Because unless we are happy we do not even want to judge, if we are ready to forgive.

If you think you are not ready to forgive; but may, in some distant future, hold off all your communications. This way you are actually giving the other a person to NOT make a similar mistake. And if in that blankness, he does, forget him.

Some sins are unpardonable.

  • Rahul Sharma