Outline Of a Novel to be Once Written by an ML Engineer

Rahul S


Once I found myself as part of a rather unconventional endeavor — a subscription-based milk delivery company.

It might seem like an odd choice. But the milk wasn’t just about nourishment. It was a story of retaining subscribers and ensuring their continued engagement.

Picture this: Early mornings filled with the clinking of glass bottles and the anticipation of fresh, creamy milk. Children waiting with chocolate and elders waiting with coffee.

Yet, behind the scenes, there was a different magic happening. This is my story — a tale of data and dairy.

I embarked on this journey with a mission: to transform a milk delivery service into a data-driven haven of customer satisfaction. Here’s how it all unfolded:

Chapter 1: Feature Engineering

As the sun peeked over the horizon, I led a team of four talented individuals on a mission of discovery. We rigorously engineered features related to customer behavior, consumption patterns, and subscription history. Our canvas was data, and our brushstrokes created a rich dataset — a foundation for predictive modeling.

Chapter 2: Segmentation and Clustering

The mornings turned into afternoons filled with excitement. We dove into the world of advanced techniques, like DBSCAN, to segment our diverse subscriber base. These clusters were like constellations, each representing a group of individuals with unique preferences and usage patterns. With this newfound clarity, we tailored our retention strategies to specific customer galaxies.

Chapter 3: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Analysis

Nights were dedicated to gazing at the stars, pondering the long-term value of each subscriber. The CLV analysis was our telescope, forecasting future revenue and identifying high-value customers for personalized retention efforts.

Chapter 4: Churn Prediction

The moonlight revealed the path to proactive engagement. Building upon the segmented clusters and CLV analysis, I conjured…