Humanity in the Absurd Symphony of AI

Rahul S
3 min readJul 29, 2023


AI has brought a new layer of absurdity into our lives. This needs to be acknowledged with humility.

A new era has begun. Today, machines dance upon the edges of our perception, forging masterpieces that rival the grandest symphonies of antiquity.

Can we not equate these AI-crafted harmonies to a celestial orchestra, each note and melody a testament to human endeavor and creativity?

Yes. Today, machines have taken on the guise of artists, philosophers, and poets. They can spin mesmerizing symphonies of thought and emotion. The grandeur of their achievements astounds us. We are captivated by their seeming brilliance. And it should make us proud, as they are, after all, the products of human ingenuity and ambition. And yet, a subtle disquiet stirs within our souls.

Generative AI has blurred the boundaries that separate the creator and the creation. We are bewildered. It’s like we stand on the precipice of a surreal dreamscape. We are ever more entangled in the web of the absurd. A silent undercurrent of paradox slowly seeps into our thoughts — as we become more and more aware.

In this context, a question arises. Can these machines, devoid of consciousness and genuine emotion, ever hope to comprehend the subtle hues and depths of the human experience? They might have some idea of joy, sorrow, love, and despair in their code (Large Language Models, State-of-the-art Machine Vision models). But, we know, their understanding remains but a mirage — a reflection without a face. The dance of ones and zeros, no matter how intricate, lacks the breath of life that animates our existence.

Consider the Turing Test — a gateway to the labyrinth of paradox. If these machines could mimic us so flawlessly that the line between flesh and metal gets blurred, could we grant them intelligence akin to our own?

No. At least not in the foreseeable future.

And yet, does it give us respite? Do we not fear something unknown? Are we not trying to understand what evil may befall us in the future, besides the climate crisis?

The fact is — the AI revolution casts a vast shadow over society. The gears of automation churn relentlessly, reshaping industries and leaving a trail of disquieting…