Knowledge Engineering- Types of Knowledge Graphs

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Rahul S
4 min readMay 24, 2024

There are four types of Knowledge Graphs (KGs) we can create for our Knowledge Base (KB) based on what kind of data it has, and what schema we think suits it best.

So, we have to make a choice. And it depends on the use-case (how the KG will be used) and the general setup.

Two points need to be considered:

  1. Is the data dynamic in the sense that is incurs regular/continuous updates; or
  2. Is the schema dynamic (… developers choice based on the use case)

One can easily note that ‘fixed data and schema’ will be easier to build and maintain, whereas ‘dynamic data and schema’ will require tooling and workflows to keep graphs in sync with a growing corpus of data.

But let’s explore and be clear in our view. In general, in the case of:

  • Dynamic Data and Dynamic Schema, we have to build many complex graphs that constantly grow.
  • Fixed Data and Dynamic Schema, we have to iteratively experiment with schemas to build better representations of data, of a fixed KB.
  • Dynamic Data and Fixed Schema, we…