Me and my cellphone

a diary entry from 16th October, 2010

Rahul S


Photo by Edrece Stansberry on Unsplash

1. It is 3 am in the night. Well, it is night yes. I usually go to bed at 3. No No. That was pretty metaphorical. I go to bed at 12, yes. But I don’t sleep before 3. The earlier “go to bed” was meant to express my literally sleeping… Fuck. I should sleep now.

2. It is 3:14. The face of my mobile phone clear proclaims that it is indeed, 3:14 in the morning. I tap some buttons and my Facebook homepage appears on the screen. Don’t ask me which screen. Just a tap of a button. The Symbian enabled application logs-in me, into my world. Facebook. But wait!! No new notifications? It was a long 15 minutes before I checked it. Something should have happened. L

3. It is 3:26. I check for the time from time to time. I know my mother may wake up. She doesn’t like me sleeping late. I am reading an e-book. 1984. George Well. It is a great book. I read all my books on my phone. But it’s time for some rest. The headphones are carrying some Pink Floyd genius into my ears. I like to listen to them.

4. It is 3:30 am. Just got a message on my phone. Oh yes. Someone just commented on one of my pics. Let me answer it. Today was an awesome day in college. We had a rocking bakar session in which all kinds of bitching was done. LP (HRC) was the initial hangout place after which we proceeded to a…