One of those days

Rahul S
1 min readApr 5, 2020

when you don’t feel right about your body

Scream, Edward Munch, 1893

Weird things have been
happening to me for the past forty
hours or so. I don’t understand.
My ankles hurt, they have uric
acid in them. And I am totally unable
to sleep. As if I am plunging
back to the hell of dialysis. I wish
to know what is the reason. Why
so many stupid
things are happening
to me? What wrong did I ever do?
Except taking birth.

Something’s not right. Stars are not
right. What the fuck
is going on? Once again,
I don’t know. I dislike this uneasiness.

PS: When you are physically troubled, you lose any lyricism in your words.

PPS: Uric acid is measure of kidney’s function. High uric acid means either dehydration or stress on kidneys.