The Mirage of Productivity

Meditations-Nachi Keta

Rahul S



The wind whispered through the trees, carrying with it a sense of urgency and restlessness. I stood at the crossroads of my life, eager to make my mark upon the world.

In the distance, a lighthouse beckoned. Its beam was cutting through the darkness — vibrant, its colors dancing in a symphony. It symbolized the beacon of purpose, guiding lost souls like me towards a meaningful existence.

And so, driven by the desire to leave a lasting impact, I embarked on a perilous journey, unaware of the insidious trap that lay before me — the treacherous realm of action bias.

I was like a sailor lost at sea, navigating through uncharted waters. Every decision I made was driven by a fervent need for progress. I was equating movement with success, blinded by the allure of constant action. I thought as long as I kept my ship sailing, I would inevitably reach my desired destination. Yet, little did I know that my relentless pursuit of action was slowly steering me off course.

Like a butterfly chasing a shimmering light, I fluttered from one task to another, never settling for one. I mistook the act of being busy for productivity. But merely treading water, I was — going nowhere fast.

And thus, I became a master of superficiality, skimming the surface of countless projects without truly immersing myself in the depths of their potential.

As time passed, the weight of my choices began to bear down upon me. And like an anchor, dragged me beneath the waves. For a long time I persevered, scuttling down the ocean with every nautical mile.

The lighthouse, once a symbol of guidance, now felt like a distant mirage. The more I sought to take action, the further I strayed from my purpose. I had become trapped in a vicious cycle, forever spinning in circles, making no substantial progress.

It was then that I stumbled upon a solitary tree. It stood tall amidst a barren landscape in the middle of the sea. Its branches reached outwards. They symbolized strength and stability.

I marveled at its resilience. And realized that true growth lies not in constant movement, but in the stillness of self-reflection. Not in the quantity of actions, but in…