The Sound of Silence

Meditations-Nachi Keta

Rahul S
7 min readJul 6, 2023



“It was a long time ago. Amidst the mystical tapestry of ancient Himalayas, where cherry blossoms danced in harmony with the whispers of the wind, I used to live in a simple hut. My name is Gautam, a young seeker then — fifteen — with an intense zeal to capture the essence of the Universe.

My spirit burned with a primal intensity — seeking to consume the veils of illusion and illuminate the path to existential truths. I had embarked on a quest to unravel the intricate tapestry of existence, to touch the pulsating heartbeat of enlightenment.

Diligently, I immersed myself in the ocean of meditation. I spent hours sitting on worn mats — a solitary figure cloaked in the twilight hues of introspection. With practice, each inhalation of mine became an ethereal thread, weaving through the fabric of consciousness. And each exhalation whispered ancient secrets into the cosmos.

The sutras, aged parchment scrolls inked with the wisdom of ages, were my best friends. I traced the intricate brushstrokes of revered sages, their words resonating within the chambers of my mind like the sublime harmonies of a celestial choir.

But beneath the surface of my diligent study, an insatiable thirst for deeper understanding remained. I was not satisfied. I yearned to explore uncharted realms beyond the realm of words.

Venturing into the wilderness of my inner landscape, I treaded through the dense thickets of my thoughts, fearless and unwavering. Each step became a dance, connecting my being to the primal pulse of existence. The boundary between the dancer and the dance dissolved, and I found myself becoming one with the very fabric of creation.

However, my restless spirit continued its relentless pursuit. I yearned for a revelation, an awakening that would rend the veil of illusion and reveal the cosmic dance of existence in all its splendid glory. And then one day, I heard the name of a venerable sage — let us call him ‘Guru’, the famed but recluse sage of solitude and wisdom.