Things are okay | Adventures of a transplant recipient

Rahul S
1 min readApr 8, 2020

This is a verse of hope. Of positivity. One of those days when physical discomfort does not affect me as much as it can.

This is one of those
midnight verses in Delhi
when I have eaten too much,
and my heart burns.

My diaphragm is a cup
pouring a blast
of air down my stomach.

The air-conditioner is braying.
And the pink-walled room
is a meddle
of objects scattered around.
Like my thoughts.

This is one of those moments
when I usually study,
but like usual,
I am binge-watching a television
sitcom series, because
I cannot focus on words.

Survival instinct.

But today I am not feeling
bad, just a little hurt
near my chest. My stomach
bloats. Which is
funny. Hehe.

I want nothing. And I know
what I want. I wish
to take a deep breath

Things are okay.