Towards Agents

The article focusses on [], published on 14th Oct 2023.

Rahul S
4 min readMay 7, 2024

(Please remember that it was published on 14th Oct 2023 and I am writing about it on 7th April, 2024 in present tense from the perspective of its authors)

Conversational systems aim to assist users via natural language interactions. Research mainly focuses on response capabilities, including understanding dialogue context and generating appropriate responses. ChatGPT has significantly boosted interest in conversational systems, demonstrating strong context understanding and response generation abilities (LLMs). Recent studies show ChatGPT’s competitive performance in zero-shot settings across various dialogue problems.

ChatGPT has limitations, like not asking for clarification or refusing problematic requests. Proactivity, seen in systems initiating and controlling conversations, is lacking. This prompts the question: Can LLM-based systems handle proactive dialogue challenges?

In this work, the researcher conduct the (first) comprehensive analysis of LLM-based conversational systems on three common aspects of proactive dialogues:

  1. Clarification in information-seeking dialogue, where the system is required to proactively ask clarification questions when encountering…